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What's The Most Common Garage Problem? Balance

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It’s always nice to have a garage, but sometimes the garage door requires a bit of maintenance. Over time your garage door may become unbalanced, causing several issues. An unbalanced door can not only put some wear on your garage door opener, it can also become a safety hazard.

There are several factors that can cause an unbalanced door. Over time the torsion springs start to age and wear down, causing an unbalanced door. Sometimes even the wrong sized springs are installed. Another common factor is additional weight added to the garage door.

Here are some signs to recognize an unbalanced door:
  • The door is uneven as it goes up and comes down. If you can actually see your garage door coming down or going up unevenly, it is most likely unbalanced.
  • When you manually lift the door, it starts to close by itself. Garage doors are not meant to come down unless they are given the command either through an electric opener or by you pulling the door closed.
  • Your garage door is making strange sounds. Obviously garage doors make a lot of noise, but if you’re hearing sounds you’ve never heard your door make before, it might be time to check the balance of the door.
  • Your door refuses to open. If you cannot open your garage door at all, there is definitely a problem.
How do you fix an unbalanced door? Here are a few steps to fix this common problem:
  1. First you want to check your door to make sure that there’s actually a problem that needs fixing. To test the door, try opening it manually and move it up and down until you can find the sweet spot that allows it to suspend on it’s own. If the spot you find is more than three or four feet above the ground, you will need to rebalance the door.

  2. Once you’ve found the spot in which the garage door will remain open on its own you need to brace the door. This can easily be done with an item such as a small ladder. When doing this step, make sure you are cautious and that the ladder stays put.

  3. You need to make sure that the torsion spring is free of tension. Once you’ve done this you need to remove the spring from its tracks. This should be done with extreme caution, if you’re unsure of how to do this step on your own give us a call and we would love to help you out!
    1. If your door closes too quickly you should move the spring to the next higher hole on the bracket.
    2. If it was opening too quickly the spring should be moved to the next lower hole.
    3. If your garage door has two torsion springs, it is crucial that you move both springs evenly.
    4. After doing this, reset the door balance just as you did in Step 1.

  4. Now you need to make sure that the door closes evenly. You can do this by using a level to ensure that the door is hitting the ground evenly. If the door is still uneven, go back and readjust the tension in the torsion springs.

  5. You can also adjust the cable to make finer adjustments. Once again, this step can be pretty tricky for someone who is inexperienced with garage door repairs. The cable should be attached to the door and will run through an S hook that attaches it to the tracks. Make sure the door is propped open, take the S hook out of the track and adjust it accordingly.

And of course, always remember, if you’re in need of a garage door repair or maintenance check, feel free to visit Allen Garage Door Service or give us a call at (972) 855-8199