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Keeping Your Garage Door Safe

garage-door-safety.jpgYou’d be surprised how often people are injured by their garage doors. Over 20,000 people per year. Told you you’d be surprised! It’s important to take a number of routine measures to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. So, we put together some quick tips for you. Enjoy!


Garage Door Maintenance Tips

garage-door-maintenance.pngGarage door maintenance is a big area when it comes to keeping your home safe. It can be the difference between someone breaking into your home, and it can shield your home and cars from weather. These garage door maintenance tips will cover a few things you can do to keep your garage door up and running, as well as some safety tips. Enjoy!


Prepare Your Garage For Winter In 4 Easy Steps

winter-is-coming.pngWith colder months approaching it's important to understand that drastic temperature fluctuations from the changing of seasons will cause various components in your garage to expand and contract. While garage springs are most susceptible to breaking due to these fluctuations, there are other components in your garage that are vulnerable to the cold as well. Here, we want to lay out a few preliminary measures you can take to make sure that your garage is best prepared for the colder weather months ahead.


Reasons Your Garage Door Is Stuck

stuck-garage-door.pngSitting at home wondering why your garage door is stuck? We can help! It is always easier and faster to get a professional to repair your garage door, but if you are curious and want to find out yourself that's okay too. There are a few basic causes, as well as some simple items that are often overlooked. We will show you what they are and how to deal with them.


Healthy Garage Doors And Home Security

security-camera.pngYour garage door is one of the biggest entry ways into your home. So, having healthy garage doors has a pretty direct benefit on home security. In today's post we will identify some steps you can take in order to keep a healthy garage door. We will also cover how to actually increase the security value of your garage door.


Decorate Your Garage Door For Halloween

jack-o-lantern.pngAs we are approaching the end of October it's the perfect time to decorate your garage door for halloween! In order to help you out, we thought we would put together a list of some ideas we have found to make your home a little more festive. If you want more ideas, you can get some good ones by simply putting "garage door halloween" and looking at the images.



hammer-screw.jpgSometimes people call a garage door technician to fix their garage door when nothing is actually wrong.Not everyone knows how to go through troubleshooting their garage door. So, we put together a small list of the most common things that can prevent your garage door from opening without it actually being broken. Hope this saves you some service calls!



funny-kid.jpgAfter you’ve had kids for a while, eventually you start trusting them to be home alone. That can result in some pretty funny stuff. Heck, they wrote a whole series of hit movies (Home Alone) about it.Being a garage door company we got to thinking about when we were kids and we heard the garage door opening right when we were doing something stupid. Hopefully this helps brighten your day a bit, we had a ton of fun writing it.


Garage Open

smalls.jpgEver left your home and came back to find out that your garage door was left open. Was it left open by you occasionally? It’s a common oversight. We all have a lot of stuff to do in the mornings, and it can get hectic. That’s why smart garage door openers are so great. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your garage open again.


Organize Garage

organize-garage.jpgFirst things first, make sure that your garage is decluttered. Trying to organize a cluttered space is nearly impossible. Need some help? Check out our article on how to declutter your garage!


Common Problems

rubiks-cube.jpgBeing in the garage door repair industry, there are a few problems we run into all time. So, we figured we would list out the most common problems we run into every day so that people could have a resource to go to if anything goes wrong with their garage door. After this, you’ll most likely be able to know exactly what the problem is when you’re garage breaks and the best way to go about fixing it.


Carbon Monoxide

gas-masks.jpgFirst of all, if you’re thinking about starting your car in the garage with the door closed, don’t. Why? Because it’s dangerous! How dangerous? Very. In today’s post we’ll explain what exactly happens when you start your car engine in an enclosed space, how long it takes, and why it is so dangerous. If you’ve never heard of Carbon Monoxide and you have a car and a garage, please keep reading.



disorganized-garage.jpgIt’s 2017. Why should you still be using outdated and unreliable garage door clickers? You know, the type that you have to click eight times before it actually works and will only function when within a few feet of your garage. What if you forgot to close your garage door only after you get to work? Need to let someone into your garage, but you’re not home? The era of smartphones, smart homes, and smart cars has also brought with it smart garage door openers.


Garage Floor Coating - DIY Vs Professional

Royal_Blue_Basecoat_Black-Marble_Heavy.jpgEpoxy flooring is ideal for garage surfaces. But with the passage of time and lot of trafficking they tend to wear off. Good epoxy flooring done can actually stay on forever. There are plenty of DIY kits available in the market for this purpose. But yet it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to do the job. Here is why we will always prefer a professional doing it for you!


Maintenance on Cedar Garage Doors

wood.garage.door.americana.4.jpgCedar garage doors have started to become pretty common these days. That is mainly because of their regal natural beauty that they add to the house. Accept or don’t they actually look way better than all the other conventional metallic doors.



spongebob-scared.jpgSpring has sprung and with summer approaching fast, it’s time to start thinking about doing some spring cleaning! It’s easy to let your garage become overrun with junk you don’t need. Here are a few tips on how to declutter your garage and take your space back.


Should I Spray My Garage Door Springs with WD-40?

wd40-springs.pngYou walk in your garage, turn it on, and it starts making an awful noise. What’s the first thing you think of to fix it? WD-40! The same thing you use to fix all squeaky hinges. We’re here to tell you why WD-40 is NOT the solution when it comes to yo...


Chain Vs Belt Drive: The Quick and Dirty

chain-vs-belt.pngWe spend quite an amount to keep our vehicles safe inside the garages. It may include from building of garage to installation of best garage door and then finally choosing the best door opener for your garage. When evaluating which opener to buy most homeowners overlook the various options available to them in terms of the actual opening mechanism itself.


What Horsepower Does My Opener Need?

stallion_silhouette.jpgMany people overlook the horsepower of their garage door openers. It's trivial, right? The springs do all the work so what does it matter? Well, it really depends on how often you're looking to replace your garage door opener. Sure you could put a 1/3 HP opener on a fully wooden double door, but be prepared to need a new opener every year (or sooner!).


What's The Most Common Garage Problem? Balance

pulley_for_balance.jpgIt's always nice to have a garage, but sometimes the garage door requires a bit of maintenance. Over time your garage door may become unbalanced, causing several issues. An unbalanced door can not only put some wear on your garage door opener, it can also become a safety hazard.


Extension Spring Vs Torsion Springs

rolling_garage_door_style.jpgWhen you need to repair your garage door spring, it’s important to know the difference between extension spring torsion springs. Though they both perform the same function, there are important differences to note. These springs come in different types with variant configurations, so let’s analyze the properties that distinguish them from each other.


Overlooked Garage Hazards

garage-hazards.jpgJust about everyone is aware that nearly every home in America is installed with an automatic garage door opener. What nearly everyone isn’t aware of are the hazards to follow ownership of an automatic garage door opener.


Weather Damage Prevention

garage-weather-seal.jpgGarage doors can be subject to damage from many weather elements. Both the heat and cold as well as wet or dry weather can do damage to your garage door. For example, while colder weather can put garage door springs at risk of snapping, garage door senso...


Garage Door Parts: A Basic List

garage-door-tools.pngIf you'd like get to know some of the basics of how your garage door works you have come to the right place. There are many small garage door parts we could cover in this post, but instead of making a complete list we decided it would be more useful to create a list of the most important ones. After reading this you should have a pretty good understanding of how your garage door works which is a lot better than most people, so let's get started!


DIY: Garage Ideas

diy-garage-ideas.jpgIf you like working around the house we’ve got some diy garage ideas for you! These projects will help you utilize your space and make it more appealing. Enjoy!